Flowers and crystals

Bien-Etre - Well-Being

Relaxing Massage and Crystal Therapy in Haute-Vienne & The St Junien area

Crystal Healing
A subtle device to manipulate a subtle energy...

I currently hold an ICGT (Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists) Diploma in Crystal Healing. Crystal healing is (and probably always will be!) my favourite, and my strongest, healing technique.

I use crystals in many ways to work with the client's subtle energy systems:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crystal "Nets"
  • Brain, Circulatory and Neurological Balancing
  • Subtle Body Alignments
  • Balancing the Meridian System
  • Gem Essences and Waters

I will determine the treatments that are needed on the basis of both consultation and discussion with the client and dowsing.

Crystal Healing