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Relaxing Massage and Crystal Therapy in Haute-Vienne & The St Junien area


Some of the nice comments that my clients have made over the years...

"I have been fortunate enough to have 3 of my discs replaced, 2 in the neck and one lower back. A must for any back and neck problems is massage, to get the muscles working and improve circulation."

"I suffered for 20 years and although the problem of the discs was remedied, it has been a long process to get the muscles working together again. This is where the skill Natalia brought to getting me to nearly 100%"

"I had my first operation in Germany and walked from the operating table to the ward. The following day I had physio and massage therapy things have been improving since that time"

"I had suffered from severe neck pain and stiffness in my upper back for the past two years and had received treatment on the NHS but after many treatment sessions I was still no better. Natalia evaluated the problem after the first session and subsequently performed treatments that have made a huge difference to me. I have experienced vastly improved pain relief and a greater sense of relaxation within myself since receiving the treatments. I have been extremely impressed with the work Natalia has carried out, and would recommend her services to anyone."

"A very caring person, and eager to extend her range of skills."

"Natalia put me at ease completely at the beginning of the first session. She seemed to empathise with me and my problems."

"An eye-opener. Very, very interesting and I really benefited from the sessions. It worked for me, and I have recommended Natalia to a number of people."

"Natalia made me feel very relaxed and she explained everything she did, which is very important. I was very surprised at how accurate she was: e.g. anxiety which I have been feeling... I love going to Natalia, as I feel this is so natural to her. This is what she was born to do. She enjoys what she does and she cares."

"Really impressed, and would recommend her to anyone."

"Natalia's treatment has made a huge difference for me. I have felt a real physical improvement and long-term relief from pain in my legs and lower back."

Relaxing Massage